Cutting Space

First print almost complete (image to follow).
Printing and inking needs to be resolved and printed on 300gm textured somerset instead of the 250gm.
– Invest in carbon black charbonel to get a better covering of black.

However this can be done at a later stage – better to move on to the next print.

One thing that has kept on returning to me this week whilst making new plates is the idea of ‘cutting space’. In reality this is what I do with my plates. There are cuts between surface areas, some falling back and others moving forward. This feels at the moment a little simplistic but it would be interesting to see if I could expand on this.

The first artist that springs to mind is Lucio Fonatana – see below
‘Concept Spatiale’, 1959 painting by Lucio Fontana, 100 x 125 cm.

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