Rene Daniels: Painting on Unknown Languages – Camden Arts Centre

Earlier today I was looking for an exhibition to go to that I could relate my initial research to. The Camden Arts Centre has a current exhibition on by a Dutch artist called Rene Daniels, focussing on his work between 1980 and 1987. He is seen as an important figure in the history of Dutch art and from the exhibition leaflet description he is also seen as an influence to artists such as Marlene Dumas, Peter Doig and Chris Ofili. I was drawn to the idea of his work being ‘…a combination of visual poetry on one hand and painting on the other’ ( Rene Daniels, 1983).  His work looks at the relationship between language and image, word play and painting.

I really loved the show at the Camden Arts Centre and I felt really excited to discover an artists work that I knew very little about. From the exhibition summary it mentions that after 1987 Rene, had suffered some form of an illness from which he has never fully recovered. His work combines a lot of areas that I am interested in, word and image combinations but his paintings also work around this area of interior space, painting rooms that open up and creating imagined spaces for the viewer. I have chosen a few of his images that I liked but also to indicate how the paintings work with words, symbols and imagined spaces. I would like to do some further research on this artist as his approach and ideas have a lot in common with my current ideas and research.

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