Work that I made today…

I have still to document my ‘5 stages of a spatial relationship’ which has materialised in some form and will hopefully feature in my first crit on 1st December. But instead I am showing my recent progression today. I am not too sure how I am responding to these prints. I have been working in very heavy blacks, enjoying the use of ink and allowing it to sit on the paper. But it has been a really nice transition to consider the subtleties of aquatint using spit biting and shorter etching times.

These prints are really about a light and dark pushing forward and back – another spatial consideration? I think for now these prints have to sit for a while before I consider titles. Maybe today was about letting the process do the talking.

First proof, I could not make my mind up which way up.
This way up looks a bit more sinister!
The yellow band at the bottom, I have had problems getting the balance right in size, plus the yellow is not as strong as I want.
Print number 2, spit bite coming from one side, I need to decide
which side!
I like this print, whenever I like my work most people often do not, but
I like the idea of a bit of a fight between light and dark, sense
of pushing back and forward in space.

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