Katja Strunz

The Berlin based artist Katja Strunz I thought would be interesting to look at. She had a solo show at the Camden Arts Centre about a year ago called ‘Sound of the Pregeometric Age’. Strunz works with the aftermath or resonance of history, unfolding in space and time. I liked her sculpture/installations a lot, especially as I am interested in combining my print work with some form of geometric form to act an equivalent to my print work. I also work with steel but so far I am only making prints from the metal! It is the reference to time or the idea of an aftermath of an event that interests me. Her ‘Oddball orchestra’ I find really funny to look at, the assembled instruments and objects taking on personalities once abandoned by their owners. 

Einbruchstellen, echibition view at CFA, 2008
Katja Strunz's Sound of the Pregeometric Age (2009)
Oddball orchestra … installation view of Strunz’s Sound of the Pregeometric Age (2009). Photograph: Andy Keate/Courtesy of Camden Arts Centre
Untitled, steel, 18 elements, 270 x 170 x 0,6 cm, 2008


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